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Venicemarathon Party


To make your experience even more special, we have prepared for you a Venicemarathon Party!

An exclusive dinner the day before the race,  just around the corner from Exposport Venicemarathon Village: it will be a way to put yourself  in the marathon atmosphere one day in advance! 

The party, on Saturday 27 October, starting at 6,00 p.m., provides:
- Brief presentation of the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon course with explanation of the critical points of the race by a Venicemarathon Expert
- Dinner rich in carbohydrates, but also with tasty options for your companions;

And above all the opportunity to dine side by side with the top Venicemarathon guests!

For more information and/or reservation please contact us at +39 041 8877532 or send an e-mail to

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