Family Run

Family Run are non competitive run, open to school-aged children, their families, and everyone that looks for a chance to experience the huge Venicemarathon sport event in first person and to live the city in a different way. 
What is more, Family Run means also solidarity, because the registration revenues are assigned to charity.

Calendar 2017:
- Saturday, October 7 Alì Family Run San Donà
participants' gathering: 9:00 am at Piazzale Indipendenza 
start: 10 a.m.
- Saturday, October 14 Alì Family Run Dolo Riviera del Brenta
participants' gathering: 9 a.m. at the new Track & Field Stadium "Walter Martire" in Dolo (via Arino). 
start: 10 a.m
- Saturday, October 21 Alì Family Run Mestre
participants' gathering: 9 a.m. near Exposport inside Parco San Giuliano ("Porta Blu" gate) in Mestre. 
start: 10 a.m.

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