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Eyob Faniel wins the 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon! The Venicemarathon Club athlete with a great performance (2h12'16", more than 3 minutes less than his previous personal best) is first at the finish in Venice, on Riva Sette Martiri. The race started as expected with Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes leading the race, and the group with Eyob Faniel trailing by less than a minute. Shortly before entering Venice, however, the head group with the Kenyans Chumba, Kipkemei Mutai and Metto and the Ethiopian Dawud unfortunately took the wrong course, following the lead bikes who could not enter the city, and losing at the end about 2 minutes. Eyob Faniel found himself in the lead along with the Eritrean Mohammed Mussa, who lost ground in the final stages inside Venice. Second and third respectively were Mussa (2h15'14 ") and Moroccan Tariq Bamaarouf (2h16'41"). It was 22 years since the previous win by an Italian, the 1995 triumph by Danilo Goffi in 2h09'26 ". Sule Utura Gedo dominated the women’s event in 2h29'04 ", improving her personal record by more than 5 minutes. A far second was Kenyan Priscah Jepeting Cherono (2h41'08 ") and third Aynalem Woldemichael (2h42'12"). With this victory, Ethiopia leads with 5 women's successes in Venicemarathon's history. In the Garmin 10 K, the winners were Natascia Meneghini (third consecutive victory) among the women, and Simone Gobbo for the men.

Historical double for the Kenyan Julius Rotich Chepkwony. Among women won the compatriot Priscah Jepeting Cherono, third the italian Ivana Iozzia
Kenya dominated the 31 ^ Venicemarathon that took place this morning from Stra to Riva Sette Martiri, with the victories of Julius Chepkwony Rotich (2:10.25) among men and Priscah Jepeting Cherono (2:27.41) among women.
Historical double for Julius Chepkwony Rotich, who won the Venice Marathon in 2015, which equals the italian Salvatore Bettiol (victories in 1986 and 1987) and compatriot Jonathan Kosgei Kipkorir (2006 and 2007). The race was from the first kilometers a dispute between African athletes, well led by Bernard Kiplagat Bett (1:04 19 the passage after the first half), who ran at a good pace. The end was shortly after the 25 km mark, when Rotich increased the pace together with his compatriot Titus Masai Kwemoi. The two athletes continued paired up to 35 km mark, when on the Liberty Bridge Rotich pulled off in a decisive manner the opponent, going to win his second consecutive victory in Riva Sette Martiri. Second to the finish line came the Ethiopian Adugna Chala Bekele (2:13.51) He recovered and overcame in the last kilometers an exhausted Titus Kwemoi Masai, third in 2:15.34. Sixth, and first of the Italians, Massimiliano Strappato (2.26.31).
Among women Priscah Jepeting Cherono run a solo race from the 5th km, well led by some fellow athletes. His race was fast and very regular (1:13.48 the passage in the half marathon), up to finish the solo test with the excellent time of 2:27.41, personal record and fourth Female Performance ever for Venicemarathon. Second, very detached, come the compatriot Esther Wanjiru Macharia (2:35.15 ), the Italian Ivana Iozzia arrived third with the time of 2:37.04.
‘’I expected something better at chrono level - said immediately after the race Ivana Iozzia – although my third place at the Venice Marathon is a great satisfaction. I ran virtually alone throughout the race, besides the Kenyan athletes were too ahead, I had to bite the bullet but at the end I'm satisfied for this beautiful podium’’
With the victories of Rotich and Cherono, Kenya reaches 25 victories at Venice Marathon.
In the 10 K valid for Garmin Tour victories for Diego Avon and Natascia Meneghini, who repeated both their successes of last year.

And 'once again African domination in the 30th Venice Marathon, with the victories of the Kenyan Julius Chepkwony Rotich (2:11:08) among men and of Ethiopian Ehite Bizuayehu Gebireyes (2:35:19) among women. Among Italians, excellent race of Domenico Ricatti, fourth among men at 2:15 28 after a thrilling comeback that has seen him get a piece of podium. Men's race was from the first kilometers a dispute between African, well headed by Cornelius Kangogo (halfmarathon in 1:04:54 ), ran with a good pace. The ending was just after the 30 km, when in exit from Parco San Giuliano Rotich attacks in a decisive manner, followed by compatriot Robert Ndiwa, on the Ponte della Libertà. Rotich has continued his solo run, winning with 2:11:08, with a wide margin on Ndiwa, second (2:13:16). Third Kenyan, Emmanuel Sikuku (2:15:22). Excellent race of Domenico Ricatti (Aeronautica)), which after full comeback race with 2:15:28 just missed the podium and personal record (that's 2:15:07), repeating his 4th of 2012. Women's race was open all the way and was resolved with a thrilling final sprint which rewarded the Ethiopian Ehite Gebireyes (2:35:19)who overtakes her compatriot Derbe Godana Gebissa (2:35:21). The third Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony (2:35:49). The race seemed to be decided at the 41st km, in Piazza San Marco, when Gebissa outdistanced the Kenyan Caroline Chepkwony and then lengthened Gebireyes. The latter , however, in the last 2 bridges reacted, recovered the disadvantage and passed the compatriot at the end of a very long sprint. Before the Italian Gloria Rita Giudice, seventh in 2:53:32. With the victories of Rotich and Gebireyes, Kenya and Ethiopia respectively go up to 23and 8 successes in theVenicemarathon. The handbike race was run over the distance of 30 km. The victory went to Mirco Bressanelli with 53:10, but the news is the second place overall (and first among women) of repeatedly Paralympic champion Francesca Porcellato (54:42).

Once again it’s african domain at the 29th Venice Marathon, with the victories of the Ethiopian Ketema Mamo among men (2h16'45 ") and Konjit Biruk (2h40'20") among women. Among Italians, great race of, Giovanni Gualdi, second among men in 2h18'40 "after a thrilling comeback. Men's race begun with a dispute between African, well fed by Robert Ndiwa, ran straight away with a good pace. The ending was just before crossing the halfway when Mamo and Ndiwa increased the pace, pulling the other African athletes. Once Ndiwa stopped, Mamo went solo, winning with good margin in 2h16'45 ". Excellent proof of Giovanni Gualdi (Corrintime), after a cautious start he was able to climb many positions, reaching an excellent second place. Third at the finish line the Kenyan Weldon Korir (2h19'34 ") who reached in the sprint Rwandan Jean Baptiste Simukeka (2h19'39"). Fifth another “azzurro”, Massimo Leonardi (2h27'08 "). Among women, the race has seen since the beginning a dualism between Konjit Biruk and Motu Gedefa, who raced in pairs over 25 km. At that point, the sprint of Biruk decided the race. Second, very detached, Gedefa (2h52'19 "), third Croatian Nikolina Sustic (2h55'52"). Fourth, and the first Italian, the Venetian Maurizia Cunico (Vicenza Marathon) in 2h57'37 ". Fifth another Italian, Monica Carlin (2h59'20"). With this double victory, Ethiopia comes in seven wins at Venice Marathon (4 male and 3 female), just behind Kenya (22 hits: 12 male and 10 female) and Italy with 18 (7 men and 11 among the women).

It is once again the African domain at the 28th Venice Marathon, with the victories of Nixon Machichim among men (2h13'10 ") and Mercy Jerotich Kibarus (2h31'12") among women. Flashes of “azzurro”, however, with the great performance of Andrea Lalli, who on his debut over the distance was capable of an excellent third place with a good time of 2h14'26 ". The athlete of the Guardia di Finanza has managed to stay in the leading group until after the 30 km mark, when on the Liberty Bridge there was the attack of the Kenyan trio composed by Kwemoi Titus Masai, Raymond Kiplagat and Nixon Machichim. The latter ,then, is able to overtake Kiplagat only after a good sprint, while Lalli was able to dose the best forces and get ahead Masai, collapsed in the last kilometers, earning a prestigious podium. Among women, the race was decided shortly after the transition to the middle, when the Kenyan Mercy Jerotich Kibarus attacked decisively, far outdistancing the Ethiopian Halima Hussen Kayo and Sosena Tekle Gezaw, until that moment with her and finishing , respectively, in 2h38'49 "and 2h42'29". Fifth, and the first Italian, Ambra Vecchiato in 2h48'16 ". Not lived up to expectations even Alex Zanardi, who riding his handbike with which he graduated Olympic and world champion, triumphed with a time of 1h11'45 ", the bending strength of a talented Claudio Mirabile, to the finish line in 1h15’24”.

Rain, wind and high tide didn’t stop the 27 ° Venice Marathon that has crowned the Kenyan Philemon Kipchumba Kisang and the Ethiopian Emebt Etea Bedada, winners of the race with respectively 2h17'00 "and 2h38'11". For male level, the race has developed initially on mild pace, with the leading group that has suffered a bit strong headwind. The decisive attack came on the 35th kilometer, when Philemon Kipchumba Kisang stretched going to win solo with a time of 2h17'00 "before his compatriot newcomer Titus Masai Kwemoi (2h18'21") and another Kenyan Elija Karanja (2h19'41 "). Excellent fourth place, at just one thin step to the podium, for Domenico Ricatti (2h19'43"). Among women, it was a matter between Ethiopians: Emebt Etea Bedada won with a time of 2h38'11 ", before the compatriot Helima Hassen Beriso (2h48'32) and Fantu Eticha Jimma (third also in 2011 edition) in 2h50'48 ". Good fourth place for Monica Carlin with a time of 2h54'13 ". Yet another run of Alessandro Zanardi who has driven with him at the finish line the young Eric Fontanari, quadriplegic boy .

For the first time the Venicemarathon race course went through St. Mark's Square. The course was new and new is the race record set by the Kenian Helena Kirop, who won the women race in 2h23'37'' breaking the previous record of 2h27'02'' hold by Lenah Cheruiyot (KEN). Besides Helena Kirop hasn't just broken the course record but has set her personal best time on the distance. Behind her Makda Haji, 2010 Venicemarathon winner, stopped the chronometer at 2h27'31''.
The men race was decided right in St. Mark's Sq. where athletes passed through for the first time and right this new passage decided the winner. Athletes were quite fast, the half marathon check point registered a time of 1h04'17'' but the fight began at the 30th km and the St.Mark's Sq. saw the Ethiopians Tolesa Tadese Aredo and Simon Kumun fighting to decide who was going to win. In fact from here on Aredo changed pace and rhythm and left Mukun behind him and finished the race in 2h09'13''. Second place went to Simon Mukun who stopped the clock at 2h09'18'' and third place to the Ethiopian Debebe Wolde 2h09'56''. Good was also the performance of the Italian Danilo Goffi who finished 7th in 2h14'41''.
The total finishers of the 26th Venicemarathon are 5,868 marathoners (out of which 967 are women). The very last athlete finished the race in 6h21'59''. The race was a great success thank you to the great number of spectators along the race course and to the beautiful
sun shining for the participants.

The male race begins immediately at a fast pace, which is a great advantage for the several African athletes. In the end the winner is Kenyan Simon Kamana Mukun (2h09′35″), thanks also to a fall of fellow Kenyan Sahle Warga Betona - who finishes second - in one of the last bridges before the finish line. Third place for another athlete from Kenya, Peter Muriuki Nderitu.
The two most awaited Italians to the eve, Danilo Goffi and Migidio Bourifa, basically compete one against the other aiming to win Italian title, that goes easily to Bourifa thanks also to the withdrawal of Goffi after the 30th km.
The female race registers the first victory ever for an Ethiopian athlete: Makda Harun Haji wins with a final time of 2h28′08″, in front of Kenyan Elizabeth Chemweno (2h29′21″) and Russian Elena Ruhliada (2h30′41″). Marcella Mancini (6th overall) wins the the Italian title in 2h37′23″. Unfortunately, the long-awaited passage in St. Mark Square is made impossible by the high tide conditions that don't guarantee the minimum safety requirements for the athletes. The passage will be tried again in 2011.

In a sunny and still warm autumn day John Komen set the new race record in 2h08′13″, improving the previous record of 2h08′49″ by David Makori, while Anne Kosgei finally broke the spell that relegated her at the second place for several times and won the race with a new personal best of 2h27′46″.
In the wheelchair race Alex Zanardi obtained the first career victory with the excellent time of 1h13′56″.
The women's elite race, which started with 9 minutes of anticipation with respect to the "mass start", lived on the challenge between the Kenyan Kosgei and the Ethiopian Yal Koren until Parco San Giuliano, when the first made her decisive attack. Behind Yal Koren (second in 2h28′41″, 55 seconds from the winner) arrived Alena Samokhvalova, thanks to a very fast pace in the last few miles (her final time was 2h 28′47″, just a whiff away from second place). The performance of Italian best athlete, Giovanna Volpato, was quite disappointing: 2h32′12″, time worth the eighth place only. In the men's race Komen, convinced of his chances of victory also in the declarations made during the pre-race press conference, stayed well hidden in the leading group until the 35th kilometer, then made hi move and gradually increased his lead on the 14 bridges in the last miles. Behind him were fellow Kenyans Paul Samoei (2h10′09″) and Benson Cherono (2h10′19″). Only 4th theUkrainian Oleksandr Kuzin, one of the favored, while the first Italian to cross the finish line was Pasquale Rutigliano in 2h20′18″.
Alex Zanardi crowned its presence at the Venicemarathon with the victory, before the always competitive Mauro Cattai (1h14′54″) and Cristiano Picco (1h30′06″).

Venicemarathon speaks Kenyan once again! In fact Joseph Lomala gained the 1st place of the 23rd edition in 2h11'04'', winning an exciting final rush with his teammate Jacobs Chesire (2h11'07''). Third place for the Ethiopian Kidane Abdi (2h11'57'').
In the women's race the Hungarian Aniko Kalovics didn't betray the forecasts winning in 2h31'24'', a result influenced by the warm temperature and some physical problems arose during the race. Behind her the Kenyan Anne Kosgei finished second in 2h32'21'', while Florence Chepkurui classified just third. The Hungarian stopped the African rule of the last six years.
Italians must forget this edition! In fact Francesco Bennici was obliged to withdraw due to some physical problems and the first athlete,Federico Simionato of the Italian Air Force, finished the race in 2h18'05''.
Among the women, the first Italian one, Monica Carlin, arrived in 2h50'42'', while Elisa Desco withdrew by the Liberty Bridge.
The 2008 Venicemarathon will be remembered as the most demanding edition from the organizing point of view, due to the building yard in Punta della Dogana, where the athletes were obliged to run inside a covered tunnel 160 mt long, obtained just inside the yard.

For the first time in 22 years of Venicemarathon, the winners repeated the previous year success. The men's race was rather slow, because of the tactical gait of the race, Jonathan Kipkorir Kosgei controlled his opponents from the beginning to the end, finishing the race in 2h12'27'' and preceding Philemon Tarbei and Richard Mutai. This was a disappointing day for the Italian athletes: 6th place for Danilo Goffi (2h14'42'') and the withdrawals of Giacomo Leone and Gianmarco Buttazzo. Lenah Cheruiyot won the women's race with a record time of 2h27'02''. Second place for her fellow Anne Kosgei and 3rd place for Italian Ivana Iozzia.

2006 The 2006 edition is rich of innovations: the start is moved forward in front of Villa Pisani and the piece of course between the 25th kilometre and the 35th is completely redesigned so that all runners can enjoy the greatest city park of Europe: San Giuliano Park. On the start line the Italian athletes Bourifa, Caimmi, Di Cecco, Battocletti are ready to bring back in Italy the Venicemarathon title, against the Kenian athletes Kosgei, Lokira, Rotich. The Italians start very fast until San Giuliano Park where Caimmi is picked from cramps that force him to lower the rhythm. The race goes on the Liberty Bridge where the top runners alternate on the head until the Giudecca. Around the last 2 kilometres Di Cecco and Jonathan Kipkorir Kosgei are battling in the lead. At the end the Kenian wins in 2h10’18”, Di Cecco and Paul Lokira arrive in second and third place. The female race gives hospitality to a marathon legend: Tegla Lourupe. She returns to competitions after a long accident to show her abilities. She starts very fast but near the San Giuliano Park she is surpassed by Lenah Cheruiyot, that wins the race in 2h33'44”.

In the 20th anniversary the Venicemarathon faces up to fog. This particular event doesn't stop the 6.400 athletes and the 200.000 spectators, even less Mubarak Hassan Shami, kenian, with Qatar passport, that arrives into the Riva Sette Martiri in 2h09'22''. He wins the Venice Marathon and at the same time the Military World Championship. Francesco Ingargiola’s dreams of victory are shattered on the Ponte della Libertà. He is in the lead until four kilometres by the end then he is surpass by Shami and Paul Lokira. This third position, Curzi’s seventh and Palombo’s nineteenth give to Italy the first position in team results. In the women’s race Emily Kimurìa wins in 2h28'42',second best result of Venice Marathon. Marcella Mancini arrives in fourth position, she is the first of the italian atleths.

Danilo Goffi tries again Nine years later his win to Venice. The flying policeman wants to equal Salvatore Bettiol, he is the only to win Venicemarathon two time. Danilo starts from Stra with all intentions to take the Venicemarathon title back in Italy. He leads the race with the best atleths as far as Ponte della Libertà, untill the kenian Kirpono outdistances him and wins with a spectacular sprint on the last bridge before the finish into the Riva Sette Martiri. In the women’s race the kenian Jane Ekimat wins with a wide lead.

France beats Italy and Kenya at the 18th Venicemarathon. A deserved succes into the first his marathon for El Hassan Lasshini, frenchman of moroccan origin, that crosses the finish line first in 2h11'01''. The lagoon race has been wonderful, it started with african athlets as favourite but that saw a spectacular epilogue with the great comeback of Sergio Chiesa, able to surpass Kenians Mitei and Kanda into the last kilometre winning silver in 2h11'30''. In the women’s race Ornella Ferrara didn’t be able to repeat the win of the 1994. She crossed the finishing line in third position. Into the finishing line of the Riva Sette Martiri kenian Anne Jelegat triumphs in 2h30'16''.

The record of the men's race made by Danilo Goffi in 1995,  finally be pull down. A Kenian put again one’s signature on the most high Venice Marathon podium . David Makori wins his race, getting donwn two hours, nine minutes and nine seconds, fixing chronometer on 2h08'48''. It is the race record and it arrives in a sunny day that see again the debacle of italian athletes and it lives in direct Giuliano Battocletti suffering that is a beginner and that is in the lead up to the Ponte della Libertà. In the women’s race the kenian Anatasha Ndereba crosses the finishing line, inflicting gaps over three minutes. Third the tough Lucilla Andreucci. The athletes started were 6.000, on behalf of 51 country, 1.500 foreigners.

The 16th Venicemarathon is once again dominated by foreign runners. The new winner is Moges Taye, from Ethiopia, who wins the race in2h10'08'', beating in the final 100 meters Kenian Henry Tarus, who finished just 2 seconds behind (2h10'10''). After a beautiful race, Italian Daniele Caimmi finished third in 2h10'26'', which represents his new personal best. Fellow Italian Migidio Bourifa finished sixth, and Vincenzo Modica only at the 11th place, after a very disappointing performance. The elite runners started the race at a very fast pace: after 15 Km the final projected time was 2h07'. However, this pace created problems to Bourifa and Modica, who slowed down after the half marathon mark, losing contact with the leading group. In the final part of the race - where athletes have to overcome 13 bridges before getting to the finish line in Riva dei Sette Martiri - Taye and Tarus ran alone. Caimmi tried to come back after the 30th Km, but the two africans were just too fast. This year's finale was one of the most exciting moments in the Venicemarathon history: Taye and Tarus sprinted for victory in the final 200 meters, and the runner from Ethiopia proved to be faster, by only 2 seconds. In the female race, French Zaia Dahmani won in 2h33'32''. After a fast start by Japanes Yukari Komatsu, the French athlete increased the pace after th 21st Km and reached the finish line in perfect loneliness, with more than 2 minutes of margin over Monia Capelli, who resisted to a strong comeback of fellow Italian Francesca Zanusso to finish in 2h34'57'' (new personal best). Zanusso, from Venice, had big troubles at the start, falling down. This fall affected the whole performance, declared Zanusso after the race.

These are the characteristics of Venicemarathon 2000: a course even more panoramic and challenging than usual, 6.000 participants, an efficient organization, pacemakers, Winning Time chip timing, 26 athletes who celebrate their constant presence in all of the 15 editions of Venicemarathon and...a bright and warm sun shining above the runners and cheering the whole event. Two Italians, Barbi and Ingargiola, are said to be the favourites. The best challengers: the Kenians. For the women Lucilla Andreucci, winner in 1998, wants to try to repeat the success. The race is broadcast on TV in real time, starting from 9.20am, as usual. The leading group struggles to the finish: Barbi (second in 1999), Kiprono, Bungei. But Barbi gives in after the pontoon bridge crossing Canal Grande, because Bungei's sprint is a very hard one to keep up with. So, John Bungei wins in 2h09'50", followed closely by Kiprono. Barbi arrives third, but he is first among the Italians and scores his personal record. Ruth Kutol is the new Queen at her first time in Venice. She is from Kenia too and runs the new record for Venicemarathon, 2h28'16". Lucilla Andreucci gets the second place, running a marathon she is going to be proud of.

Like the previous year, the winner is an athlete from Kenia, Julius Bitok, running fast in 2h10'34''. The competition reaches a high level of performance, considering that 12 athletes (7 of whom are Italian) run in less than 2h15'00''. The second place goes to Roberto Barbi, who is then nominated Italian Champion. As to the women, success comes to Sonia Maccioni, the new Italian Champion scoring the impressive record of 2h29'11''.

Japhet Kosgei
is the first athlete from Kenia to win Venicemarathon. Fortunately absent for the last seven years, this time the rain is back. Starting from the 30th Km, Kosgei runs to the finish in 2h11'27'', followed by Daniele Caimmi (Italy). Lucilla Andreucci, is the winner among the women, being a surprising first time marathon runner with the very good time of 2h30'34". She is certainly the one to watch closely in the next years.

Antonio Serrano
, winner in 1997, is also the first Spanish athlete to triumph in Venice. He keeps running in the leading group until the 27th Km, then, after Ponte della Libertà, he starts his final sprint and completes the marathon in Riva Sette Martiri in 2h11'59". Bettiol is fourth, but first among the Italians and Ruggiero, fifth, becomes the Italian Military Champion. Irina Kazakova wins in 2h33'44". She was born in Belarus and has got the French citizenship. Once more, Venicemarathon proves to be not only a sport competition, but also a "media event", watched by many many people. This has been the last edition organized by Piero Rosa Salva, the founder of Venicemarathon.

The finish is moved once more, this time to be located in Riva dei Sette Martiri, next to the Gardens of Biennale. The new location provides the athletes and the growing number of their relatives with a wider area to meet and relax at the end of the race. Venicemarathon turns "foreign" again. North-African athletes dominate: Algerian Sid-Ali Sakhri is first and Moroccan Abdelkader El-Mouaziz gets the second place. Sakhri's triumph is not an easy one though. After the never-ending Ponte della Libertà, the leading group is formed by Sakhri, Modica, El-Mouaziz and Tangus (Kenya) and so do they go until they reach the Port, where Tangus gives in. Then it is Vincenzo Modica to slow down the pace at the "Zattere", while El-Mouaziz is left behind at the end of the "pontoon bridge". Yelena Mazovka, from Belarus, wins among the women in 2h31'07''.

6.000 places is no longer enough. The organization stops registrations at 7325, refusing some 500 applications. Now it is time to think about a more proper finish area for the future editions. The 10th marathon is bound to be remembered along the years. Exposport - Venicemarathon Fair of Sport and Spare Time, is held in Pavilion no. 114 of the Port of Venice and gathers 60.000 visitors. There's the traditional exhibition and other varied events, like the Party of the Italian Athletics with lots of famous guests. The competition is full of records. Many promising young athletes emerge during the race, among whom Danilo Goffi gets the glory running in 2h09'26'', which is also Venicemarathon new record. Another Italian, Giacomo Leone, is second, whereas Maura Viceconte wins in 2h29'11'', the best time ever run by a woman in the history of Venicemarathon

For the first time, the organization sets a maximum number to the entrants not to threaten the fragility of Venice, which cannot bear the high number of participants that the other international marathons have. The list of the competitors is absolutely impressive, due to the presence of athletes who have altogether won up to 12 marathons worldwide in the last 4 years. Tena Negere is a 22-year-old military man from Ethiopia. He runs very fast, leaving the leading group behind his shoulders around the 30th Km. However, the other runners are die-hard and 20 of them complete the marathon in less than 2h15'00''. Ornella Ferrara, from Italy, wins in the female category in 2h32'16''.

Venicemarathon makes an agreement with UNICEF, so it refuses to accept any form of commercial advertising or sponsorship. Brasilian Arthur de Freitas Castro is the favourite, but the "old lion" Salvatore Bettiol, winner in 1986 and 1987, fights until the end, pushing to score a record time. He finally gives in at Tronchetto and Castro gets the glory completing the race in 2h10'06''. As to the women, after seven years of Italian successes, the first foreigner to win is Slovenian athlete Helena Javornik in 2h37'27''.

Finally Venicemarathon has got a stable and ideal course...and a prestigious finish line, right after the beautiful San Marco Square, which guarantees a great international image. The favourites are Panetta, Pinheiro e Kamau. Bordin, instead, has agreed to run as a sponsor for some kilometers only, but then, full of enthusiasm, he decides to complete the whole course together with friends and passionate runners, who are obviously excited to have him run the marathon by their side. Panetta feels he is the "lion" of the competiton and really runs like one, but he has to stop after Ponte della Libertà because of the pain affecting his knee and the cold weather. So, the winner is the Portuguese Joaquim Pinheiro, first foreign athlete to win the Venicemarathon in his first time personal success. Emma Scaunich arrives first among the women, thus repeating the experience she already lived three years before.

There is something new about the course this year: it's the finish line. For the first time, the organization staff decides to set up the "pontoon bridge" to cross the Canal Grande from the old finish area in Punta della Dogana. After passing between two wings of crowd in San Marco Square, competitors end their race in Ca' di Dio. Carlo Terzer is a very respectable outsider. He is 35 years old and an expert athlete. He was the Italian champion of marathon just two years before. In Venice he is able to part from the rest of the competitors and win in an extraordinary and glorious way. Antonella Bizioli is the winner among the women. As to the side events, Venicemarathon holds Exposport, fair of sport and spare time, for the first year and with amazing results: it gathers up to 15.000 visitors.

Gelindo Bordin has already won Boston and Spalato Marathons this year and is determined to beat the legend which states that it is impossible to win more than 2 big marathons a year. During the race, Francesco Panetta runs side by side with Bordin for a long while. Then, at the 20th Km, he sets himself aside as previously agreed between the two. Bordin can now fly alone toward the finish line, this time occasionally located in Campo Sant'Agnese, due to an important world political meeting that takes place in the same days. In the female category, the Italian runner Laura Fogli wins, followed by Yugoslavian Suzana Ciric e Jelena Jovicic.

The Federation rewards the success of Venicemarathon by giving it the honor of electing the Italian male and female champions. This year's marathon is characterized by the strong "bora" wind blowing in the opposite direction, which turns the never-ending Ponte della Libertà into the runners' worst enemy to fight. Under such circumstances, it is more difficult for the competitors to leave the main group and lead the race, so the competition ends with a final sprint. Marco Milani dominates the race. He is a brave gardener from Tuscany, who even manages to score a pretty good time. On the other part, it is Emma Scaunich to be crowned Queen of Venice.

The astonishing results scored the previous year make skeptics doubt, but AIMS measures the course and validates it, proving its regular lenght. The number of participants increases considerably and a great part of entrants are foreigners. Orlando Pizzolato says he just wants to run the marathon as a test, a training to get in the right physical conditions to win in New York for the third time, but once the race has started, he cannot stop: he almost flies to the finish in a state of "happy madness", as he himself defines it afterwards. Venicemarathon is no longer a test, but an immediate and unexpected triumph. The female race is won by Graziella Striuli in 2h39'04''.

The course changes and becomes even more fascinating. Competitors run from Stra to Venice, exactly like the previous year, but, once arrived in the historic center, they get to proceed along the Canal of the Giudecca, until they reach the finish line near Chiesa della Salute. At the "Zattere" the race meets another "out of the ordinary" feature of Venice: the flood. This phenomenon is limited and there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it gives a certain unusual something to the whole marathon and helps the athletes revitalize their pace in the very last kilometer. Salvatore Bettiol repeats the success of the previous year and scores a record running in 2.10.01. Among the women, the winner is Rita Marchisio.

Venice is ready to greet the first edition of a Marathon absolutely out of the ordinary. So is the excited crowd of spectators and fans surrounding Campo Santi Apostoli, in the working-class district of Cannaregio, one of the most picturesque of the city. "Out of the ordinary" is the amazing scenario that hosts the race. "Out of the ordinary" is the finish line located in Venice, a city for walkers only, where cars are banished, but also full of obstacles and limits. However, the marathon organization manages to defeat and overcome any natural or burocratic barrier. Salvatore Bettiol wins the competition, thus achieving both national and international fame. As to the women, the winner is Paola Moro, who runs in 2h38'10''.

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