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Gianpaolo Palladino - Andrea Leita - Nicola Rosso Venicemarathon Pacers 4h30’

The first thing to know about the trio of pacers for the 4h30’ group at Venicemarathon is that they’re all aficionados of this race, having already covered the role several times. Gianpaolo Palladino has been leading the marathon runners towards the lagoon since 2009. Last year he brought runners to Riva Sette Martiri precisely in 4:29:59. We forgive him for that one second! Both Andrea Leita and Nicola Rosso managed groups for the Venicemarathon in 2018 and, this year, will move a quarter of an hour to lead the 4h30’ group. While aiming for the same finish time, they are very different ...
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Saiu_pacer4h News

Emanuele Saiu, Venicemarathon Pacer 4:00

Our 4-hour pacer, Emanuele Saiu, is a model of organization for a sports lover. He gets up at five a.m. during the week, leaving his wife Alessandra and their three daughters peacefully sleeping in bed. From their home in the city of Varese he travels to Milan where he works as an engineer for a chemical company. As soon as he arrives he quickly changes and goes out for a morning run on the Navigli, with running paths in Milan. When he finishes his run he takes a quick shower (his company is equipped!) and by 8:30 a.m. is ready to start his working day. "It's nice to be able to run in the ...
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cs-eyob News

Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games

Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games. The Eritrean athlete of Vicenza, who grew up in the past 3 years in the Venetian Club, was selected by military sport club of Fiamme Oro a few days ago. It is a big step for this athlete on the rise, who won the silver medal in the half marathon at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona and will run the marathon competition at the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championship. The partnership between Eyob Faniel and the Venicemarathon organizers was born on 2016, but the connection was ...
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cs_Kawauchi News

Yuki Kawauchi chooses Venicemarathon for his next important Challenge

The Japanese marathon runner, who has become famous for his victory at the Boston Marathon in severe weather conditions and who will enter the Guinness World records, will take part on 28th October in the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon.   The great piece of news was already leaked out soon after the epic victory at the Boston Marathon, but the real confirmation has just arrived: Yuki Kawauchi will run the 33rd Huawei Venicemarathon on 28th October. The Japanese marathon runner whose goal is to run 100 marathons under 2h20’, will run his 87th marathon in Venice. Kawauchi has many ...
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Mastrovita_pacer6h News

Matteo Mastrovita, Venicemarathon Pacer 6:00

Matteo Mastrovita started his running adventure in 2007. His only thought then was to lose a little extra weight and feel active again after a period of being sedentary. He was attracted right away to the Galloway method that uses a specific run-walk program as recovery for the length of entire marathon. "In the early years I ran just for myself, obtaining a PB of 3:55:59 at the Verona Marathon in 2011. Then, when my first son arrived, I had to take things easier. I thought it would be nice to help others achieve their racing goals.” He participated in Jeff Galloway’s clinic when he came ...
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StoriesByRun_Venezia_multiculturale News

STORIES BY RUN – Venice international meeting point

The count-down has started! It's 4 months to the 33rd edition of the Huawei Venicemarathon that will be held on Sunday October 28th. This is not just a simple marathon. The event is also considered a 'meeting point' for thousands of athletes coming from all over the world. It is well known that the city of Venice has always been at a crossroads of people coming both from East and West. Its history dates back to the sixth century and once Venice wasn't just a city in a larger state: it was one of the greatest trading powers in Europe. It was located at the “finish line” ...
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Proaction_recupero News


To recover to the best fast sugars, amino acids and a deserved rest are necessary. The athlete very often experiments a particular type of discomfort and ended depression the competition or training, mainly therefore you/he/she must relax and to drink in suitable way and divided for favoring the restoration of the equilibrium and therefore to have the necessary support for the following trainings. The phase most important of the recovery is the first half of hour, in which the body very quickly assimilates everything that that is ingested, therefore a liquid form is preferable already ...
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StoriesByRun_Redentore News

STORIES BY RUN – Venice and its traditions: "sagre" and "feste"!

Spring is giving way to summer and Venice is going to become a busy place for feasts! With the warm temperature finally coming, runners are for sure preparing their track and road races but refreshing in open air during the evening can also be part of the workout. This week has started the long row of traditional sagre (a secular celebration) and feste (religious feasts) in Venice: these are events Venetians are truly in love with, it is a place to meet all friends and have fun together in a convivial way. The so called Festa di Sant’Antonio a San Francesco della Vigna (we know, it is an ...
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sett2 News

The Marathon Training Blueprint

June is the month when most runners are planning out fall race calendars. It’s less expensive to sign up for events and, knowing which distances you’re targeting, you can make a blueprint of the specific workouts you’ll need to do. In the last few weeks I’ve received a lot of messages from aspiring marathon runners who are still deciding between which marathon to sign up for. Somewhere at the beginning of each conversation Venicemarathon always comes up. “I’m not sure about Venice, I’ve heard it’s a hard course with all those bridges…” I always assure them that ...
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Eyob_Livigno News

Eyob on the retreat in Livigno. Next stop: Tarragona

There are people who go to the mountains for holidays, other people go for “working”. This is the case of Eyob Faniel, who is on a retreat to prepare the next important appointments. The best retreat doesn’t change, so this year we are at Livigno again to complete the preparation for the Mediterranean Games and, above all, for the European Marathon Championship of August. Days ate very full and we work hard. Everyday we have two trainings, allowing for the rain. The first one, in the morning, is the hardest training and we work on speed. In the afternoon, after lunch and a break, ...
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    Gianpaolo Palladino - Andrea Leita - Nicola Rosso Venicemarathon Pacers 4h30’

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    Eyob Faniel says goodbye to Venicemarathon Club with a spectacular 2nd place at the Mediterranean Games

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    Yuki Kawauchi chooses Venicemarathon for his next important Challenge

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