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Winter movement

The other night it was already 7:00 p.m. and my will power for lacing up my running shoes to step outside was close to zero percent. Possibly even less than that.  But I knew that once I’d warmed up I’d be fine… or at least I hoped. When I have to run at night I go to a park in the center of our city. It feels comfortable to run there because it’s always super crowded with other runners like myself. It’s well lit so you can see where you’re going, perfect for doing any kind of drill. But that night a curious thing happened. While I was in the middle of my warm up my vision ...
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EjobFirenze News

Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

“I won’t compete too much with my rivals, I prefer to run in my best possible way and finish the race in a good time. It will be an important test before going and train in the highlands.” These were the words of Eyob Faniel, Venicemarathon elite runner, before competing at the Due Perle Half Marathon.The race then went even better than expected and now our runner, Eyob, has left to Asmara with another victory in his collection.Just a test. This was supposed to be, for me, the Due Perle Half Marathon. The right way to check my training after this first preparation and before the deep ...
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Valentine's Day Special Promotion

At Valentine's Day make love run and register with us!Special offer reserved for all the runners in love. Tomorrow you can register as a couple to one of the races organized by the Venicemarathon Club paying the second registration at half price.The Venicemarathon Club launches a new promotion. Tomorrow, Valentine's Day, all lovers can register as a couple at one of the races organized by the Venetian club, paying the second registration at half-price . You can choose between: Huawei Venicemarathon and Venice 10K (Venice 28th  October); Moonlight Half Marathon and Moonlight 10K (Jesolo ...
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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

Eyob Faniel won yesterday the 13th edition of the International Two Pearls Half Marathon , on the  Santa Margherita Ligure - Portofino track, in 1h05'18 ".Eyob preceded Rwandan Primien Manirafasha of about thirty seconds and the Moroccan El Mehdi  Maamari came  third."It was a beautiful race, along a very scenic course, I started with the idea to beat the race record that is 1h03'26", but during the race I realized that a strong and cold wind was blowing, and so I preferred stay in a group and do not overdo it. Tomorrow I'll leave with the national team for a ...
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Eyob towards altitude training!

On Sunday 4th  February, our Eyob will be at the start of the Due Perle Half Marathon. An important test before his departure for Asmara. Meanwhile, during the week, the tests continued. For now, we are not  talking about  easing off the legs from the heavy training . Ruggero and I are continuing to work: the goals of this year, the Valencia half-marathon world championships and the Berlin Europeans marathon  championships , are important and we can not slack off.As planned, this was also a week of testing, in particular VO2max and lactate. And the results were very good, ...
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FocusJulia News

Winter Running

This morning I got up so early that the sun still hadn’t risen from behind the hills of the city. But I was already outside standing on the sidewalk in front of my house waiting for a friend. We had an appointment to run together before starting our workdays. Whenever I can run in the early morning hours I'm always happy, that way I don’t have to think about it anymore,  it's already done! I live in a city in the Po Valley in Italy. Before moving here everybody warned me about the winter fog. Yet, in twenty years I haven’t seen it more than a dozen times, almost never in the city ...
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Artciolo3JJ News

Behind the challenge

The proposal for a new challenge came through a social network from a friend who lives far away. "I want to walk every morning before breakfast, just to wake myself up. My goal is to reach a thousand miles by the end of the year. Who’s in?” I love any challenge declared on the first of the year, so I immediately said yes but reducing the distance to one thousand kilometers. It wasn’t quite half the distance  but it was still I had a good cut. Then I began calculating: one thousand kilometers divided by 365 days equals 2,730 meters per day. It would be about a 25 minute walk before ...
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“Donate a smile and receive a gift” with Rete del Dono and Venicemarathon

Last days of foundraising for the Venicemarathon Charity Program, with a big news! For every new donation, Rete del Dono will give a discount coupon for the 33^ Huawei Venicemarathon of 28th October 2018. Monday 18th December 2017 – For Christmas Venicemarathon and Rete del Dono invite everyone to be a better person. From today until the 31st December, whoever is going to donate to one of the 23 non-profit organizations taking part at the Venicemarathon Charity Program, will receive from Rete del Dono a 10 euro discount coupon for the 33^ Huawei Venicemarathon and the 10k registration of ...
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The Christmas Challenge

I have to confess that I find the Christmas season slightly stressful. My beloved "routine" is thrown to the winds for the entire month of December and I won’t find peace again until after the New Year. You have to survivethrough festive luncheons and holiday dinners. I have to plan out my family’s travel plans, moving everybody from north to south and back again. On odd years a transatlantic trip is involved. Any one of these things would upset anybody’s everyday life. I personally feel calmer and happy when my days are all planned. From the time the alarm rings in the morning, to meal ...
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FocusJulia News

Julia Jones: Back To Base

You did it! Twenty-six miles in one go, all the way from Stra to the finish line at Riva Sette Martiri in Venice. A unique experience, one that you’ll never forget. Upon returning home I hope you gave yourself a week of rest, not the active kind but the real deal. A week where you slept until late in the morning without having to get up at dawn for your workout. Evenings out in the company of friends tell them all about your marathon experience in Venice. Finally, you could sip an alcoholic beverage without worry about spoiling your race preparation. And now? After a week of vacation and ...
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Latest news

Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

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