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Record numbers for The 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon

Venice, Oct.19 - Record numbers for Sunday’s 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon, with a total of 14,000 runners in the 42k and 10k events. The marathon has reached its set limit of 8,000 registrations, one third of them coming from 77 countries, one third from the northeast of Italy, and the other third from other Italian regions. The limitation is due to restrictions at the arrival, the waterfront facing the St. George island after all runners have gone through St. Mark’s square enroute to the finish. The whole arrival area has been fully rearranged this year to better accommodate the runners, ...
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Julia Jones: Memorable Marathon Workouts

With only two more weeks until you’ll be running Huawei Venicemarathon now is just about the time when you start to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Fourteen more days of being careful with what you eat, going to bed early, getting up at the crack of dawn to squeeze your workout in before starting your day. Most runners start their taper at the third or second to last week before the race, right after finishing their last long run. To start a long run runners get out maps, GPS devices and spray paint to mark out their double digit mile route. Water, fruit and gels are set ...
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Preliminary events for the Huawei Venicemarathon confirmed with record numbers

The preliminary events leading to the Oct.22 32nd edition of the Huawei VeniceMarathon have been confirmed for this year and are expected to gather up to 15,000 runners, joining the parent event in touching a new record of presence. The three events, called Family Run because they are basically open to school students and their families, will he held for three successive Saturdays: - at San Dona' di Piave, north of Venice, on Oct.7 - at Dolo, along the Brenta river, on Oct.14 - at Mestre on Oct.21, at the St. Giuliano park which is the heart of the organization, hosting the Expo, part of ...
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Julia Jones: Training Your Brain (for Marathon Running)

The other day I went to have coffee with two runners that I’m training for the Venicemarathon. This will be their first marathon and you could already see the excitement in their eyes. They followed the training program through the sweltering Italian summer months and now have cooler temperatures for the last weeks of honing and preparation. They’re on target with their training and, thanks to the added help of a local nutritionist, in the best shape of their lives. And yet, they are worried about not making it to the finish line. Not being able to finish a race is one of the biggest ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Floating piers…in Venice

There are many bridges in Venice, they have been counted and there are 438 bridges all over the city, but on some occasions we can add another one: HUAWEI Venicemarathon is one of them! As we mentioned in the previous articleby Stories by Run, the organization will set up a temporary bridge to connect Punta della Dogana to St. Mark's Square across the Grand Canal. The bridge is made up by floating piers that cover the 170 meters to cross the San Marco basin. This temporary bridge built for HUAWEI Venicemarathon is not the only one: in fact in the past it was built every year also for the ...
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Julia Jones: A Marathoner’s Rest

Only four weeks until Venicemarathon! In preparing for your race you should be at your peak mileage in the next twenty days. The immune system, that set of mechanisms that works to defend your body from viruses and bacteria, will be put to the test. Not only because your body is stressed with longer runs, but especially because at this time of year we’re going through another season change.  One day it's hot, the next day it’s cold and our bodies don’t always adapt so well.   A decrease in mileage during the tapering weeks should help you recover faster,  but it’s ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Welcome in Venice runners!

After the Liberty Bridge you will have to run for about other 6K to reach  the finish line of the Venicemarathon…these will be probably the most fascinating kilometers but also the hardest for  many athletes. Some are the difficulties of this last part of the course: the first one is the change of pavement. You will run on the asphalt till the port area and then to the area of San Basilio. Then, after crossing a wooden bridge (the last one at Venice Night Trail) , the ground will change again and you will continue your race on the typical 'hard' Venetian floor: the ...
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Huawei title sponsor of Venicemarathon

Huawei a world leader in the provision of information and communication technology solutions, becomes title sponsor for the Venicemarathon. The three-year agreement begins with the 32nd edition of the marathon on October 22. It calls for a partnership in communications, for which Huawei is worldwide leader. Venicemarathon is moving towards a new record of runners this year for both the 42k event and the junior 10k. These events are now known as the Huawei VeniceMarathon. ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Entering Venice

The last ten kilometers of Venicemarathon will lead you into the historic center of Venice which will show you its characteristic elements: the lagoon, the islands and the bridges, much important links between all the parts of Venice, island in the middle of the lagoon basin. Exactly a bridge, or better two bridges, will allow you to reach Venice. With “a bridge” we meant the Liberty Bridge: opened in 1933 and named Ponte del Littorio, it was renamed with its current name at the end of the Second World War. Beside this bridge there is the historic trans-railway bridge: it was ...
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Julia Jones: Crazy Autumn changes

The other day I had to take a break from running for a few days. No more intervals or long runs, just swimming and napping to recuperate. My body was giving me clear signs that things were not going well and that I was pushing the whole living-like-a-pro-athlete-but-you’re-not deal a little too far.   Then voilà , the next day it was … cooler. Not cold, not colder, just cooler. Probably not too much of a difference in temperatures during the day but first thing in the morning I ran at 7:00 a.m. instead of having to get up at 5:30 a.m. Last night I even had to put a light cotton ...
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