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080716_uganda News

Venicemarathon brings water to 3,000 inhabitants of Uganda

Venicemarathon brings water to almost 3,000 inhabitants of Karamoja, an arid area of Uganda, offering 41,148 Euros to Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development for the project “Run for Water - Run for Life.” This amount collected during the Venicemarathon 2007 allowed the digging of 3 wells which will satisfy the needs of drinking water of the students of two secondary schools (about 1,500 kids) in the Moroto district and of the inhabitants of the shanty town Nakapelimen (1,300 people).These news were announced by the Organizing Committee of the most beautiful Italian Marathon ...
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080520_africa News

Venicemarathon brings water in Africa

Venicemarathon is not just a race, it's also solidarity.This is how the "Run for Water, Run for Life" project was born, in collaboration with Africa Mission - Cooperation and Development. . For more than thirty years they've worked in Africa raising funds for digging wells in the impoverished Ugandan region of Karamoja.The project started in 2006 when more than 15.000 euro in funds were collected and wholly used for the digging of a well "entitled" to Venicemarathon and friends. In 2007 the amount of funds collected increased and that money is now being used for digging more wells.To ...
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071028 News

Next edition: October 26, 2008

The 23rd Venicemarathon will take place Sunday, October 26, 2008.Registration opens on January 1st, 2008.All the information regarding Venicemarathon 2008 will be available in the updated website, online from the beginning of January. ...
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071028 News

Kosgei and Cheruiyot win the 22nd Venicemarathon

Kenyan athletes dominated the 22nd Venicemarathon once again.Joseph Kipkorir Kosgei repeated last year's success winning the men's race in 2h12'27'', preceding Philemon Tarbei and Richard Mutai.Lenah Cheruiyot - winner of last year's race too - won the women's race with a record time of 2h27'02''. 2nd place for fellow Kenyan Anne Kosgei and 3rd place for Italian Ivana Iozzia. ...
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21giugno News

In San Giuliano's Park the air smells of sport!

Sport, Solidarity and green. These will be just some of the musts of the 22nd edition of the Venicemarathon – Casinò of Venice Trophy – which will take place next 28th October and that presents several novelties. The first one among all is the OPEN SPORT, a project organized in cooperation with CONI inside San Giuliano’s Park which will give the opportunity to the public of the marathon to know and practice different sport activities. Inside this green area Venicemarathon will place its head quarter for next marathon which is expected to be rich in participation. The Organizing ...
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070612_stoccolma News

Veneto reached Stockholm, too!

Last week end the promotional tour of “Veneto. Run between earth and sky” stopped in Stockholm for the last appointment before the summer break. Here the team placed its own stand at the exhibition organized for the marathon which took place on Saturday 9th June.At the stand of the Three Marathons a lot of illustrative material of the events was distributed and the Venetian historic, artistic and gastronomic itineraries were promoted.On 25th March and on 22nd April the Treviso Marathon and the Marathon of S. Antonio confirmed their position among the most important Italian ...
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070103_new News

Today in Rome "Maratoneitaliane" is born

Today in Rome "Maratoneitaliane" is born. It is an association created by the presidents of the Italian marathons whose aim is to intensify the relationship between the world of the races and FIDAL. The federal rules are the main point of valuation and require constant updatings. "Maratoneitaliane" has also the purpose to face themes that need an intervention, as the importance of the marathons in the federal assemblies and the relationships with RAI."Maratoneitaliane" will also begin the processing of an ethical code able to increase the quality of the Italian product. The association will ...
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070502_vienna News

Veneto - Running between earth and sky at the Vienna City Marathon

During the weekend of 27th-29th April, the "promotional machine" of "Veneto - Running between earth and sky" marked another new destination. This time the van of Veneto Region and of the three marathons of Venice, Padua and Treviso stopped in Vienna.The runners taking part in the Vienna City Marathon (among them numerous Italian participants) had the possibility to discover in the Austrian capital the sports and tourist offers suggested by Venicemarathon, Maratona S. Antonio and Treviso Marathon.As in the various stops, the interest of the public was very high. Many people stopped at the ...
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070103_new News

The new website is online!

The 22nd Venicemarathon website is officially active! The race, that will take place on 28th of October, has already hit 150 registrations from January 1st.Our new web site presents a lot of novelty. It is even more complete, simple and easy to consult. You will be able to buy your bib, reserve your accommodation or find all information to arrive in Venice and to take part in 22nd Venicemarathon.Keep an eye on our web site to discover the novelty of this year! ...
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Latest news

Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

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