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Julia Jones: Crazy Autumn changes

The other day I had to take a break from running for a few days. No more intervals or long runs, just swimming and napping to recuperate. My body was giving me clear signs that things were not going well and that I was pushing the whole living-like-a-pro-athlete-but-you’re-not deal a little too far.   Then voilà , the next day it was … cooler. Not cold, not colder, just cooler. Probably not too much of a difference in temperatures during the day but first thing in the morning I ran at 7:00 a.m. instead of having to get up at 5:30 a.m. Last night I even had to put a light cotton ...
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Turismo_Parco_SanGiuliano News

STORIES BY RUN – Parco San Giuliano

After Marghera, the landscape of Venicemarathon will change again. The runners will enter Parco San Giuliano which stands on the shores of the lagoon, near “Ponte della Libertà” and halfway between Venice and Mestre. An area with a significant symbolic role: it is both the access to Venice and center of many social and cultural interests. This area, heavily degraded over the years, originally was a marshy area, used in recent decades as a landfill of industrial sludges and urban waste, with highly polluting factors and threats for the lagoon habitat. With the new millennium, the ...
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45 days to the 32nd Venicemarathon

On Sunday, October 22, the 32nd Venicemarathon runs from Stra to Venice.Venice, September 7 -With 45 days to the 32nd edition of the October 22 VeniceMarathon the organizers are facing the possibility of a full house for both the 42K marathon and its 10K brother. There are over 6,500 registrations for the marathon, with a set maximum of 8,000, and over 3,500 for the 10k whose limit is put at 5,000. Limitations are set because of the narrow waterfront in the lagoon city just after Piazza San Marco must not create problems for the runners after their arrival. Foreign presence is up to 30% which ...
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JJ_Elefante News

Julia Jones: The elephant in the room called “Injury”

You might not have noticed that these weekly articles are written in both Italian and English, my mother tongue. I write them both because I like the translation to be done in a certain style. I start each article with an idea and then the topic leads me to decide if I'm more inspired in one language or the another. Today I started out in english and I asked my husband if there was an Italian equivalent to  "TheElephant in theRoom". There isn’t, so I had to explain in the Italian article thatan elephant in the room is an anglo saxon metaphor for an obvious problem that no one wants to ...
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VeniceByRun_Mestre News

STORIES BY RUN – Marghera and Mestre

After the Venetian villas that characterize the race course along the Brenta Riviera, we are now entering the Municipality of Venice. Passing the industrial area of Fusina and Marghera, a symbol of the twentieth-century industry (seen as driving force of the economy of that period, but also as cause of environmental problems) and launched in 1917 by Conte Volpi, we enter the center of Marghera. The urban plan was developed since 1925 along the same lines of the “City Garden” model promoted by the movement founded by Ebenezer Howard: welcoming buildings designed for the venetian ...
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Turismo_Parco_SanGiuliano News


VENICEMARATHON:IT'S NOT JUST RUNNING   San Giuliano Park   While you will be running Venicemarathon on 22 October , you won’t have to forget to take a look around you. Venice will reveal you some of its most beautiful places. Among these places there is also San Giuliano Park. The green area in the south of Mestre is not just a large urban park, it is a work of environmental recovery - one of the most significant urban renewals and rehabilitations in Italy - as well as one of the most important places for the Lagoon enviromental study. The area of Punta San Giuliano was ...
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Villa_Foscari News

STORIES BY RUN – Oriago and Villa Foscari

Running the 32nd Venicemarathon on 22nd October means seeing a one of a kind race course. Villa Pisani emphasis the union between Venice and its mainland, both from historical and artistic point of view. From here, in fact, starts the famous and beautiful Riviera del Brenta, pearl of the Venetian province. The road flanks the Brenta river in a landscape of sublime harmony between nature and architecture that is reflected in the waters of the river. After Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo and Mira, you will reach Oriago, where houses, churches and ancient aristocratic palaces will be the framework ...
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Artciolo3JJ News

Julia Jones: Using races to prepare your Venicemarathon

As I write this, there are only twelve weeks until October 22nd, the day you’ve hopefully penciled in on your calendar to remind you that you’ll be running Venicemarathon. Twelve weeks can be seem like few or many, depending on where you are with your preparation. If you want to see it from another point of view: if you train four times a week there are still forty-seven workouts to complete. Does that feel like to few or just enough? From my point of view you still have the month of August to lay down a solid foundation and then start with a long block of marathon refinement in ...
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VBR_Mira News

STORIES BY RUN: Mira and its canals

After Dolo the race course of the Venicemarathon continues for several kilometers along the Brenta Riviera and its stunning Venetian villas. Entering the territory of Mira, the water will be the key element of the race course: Brenta's branches and the waterway characterize the landscape till the Venetian lagoon.   The waters flowing in the territory started to be regimented with various works from the thirteenth century, firstly under the influence of the Signori of Padua and then, from the 16th century, under the stable domain of the Venetian Republic.   Along the way, the ...
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Bacari_Turismo News

Venicemarathon: it's not just running - Bacari Tour

VENICEMARATHON: It's not just running If Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world there must be a reason. Surely more than one. For you who will run the Venicemarathon on 22nd October there are probably 42.195 causes, as many as the meters that will separate you from the finish line. We know very well that the finish line is your first aim. But let Venice be revealed, look it more closely, maybe with your friends or with those you love. Enjoy Venice for a few days and then your marathon will become truly an experience to remember. Be inspired by what you like most: you ...
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Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

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