Exclusively for who will run the 42K and the 26K race course, the NEW SPYKER X-BIONIC® limited edition

NEW SPYKER More power for your performances The new X-Bionic® Partial Compression makes the Spiker, an ideal accessory to improve your performances: with the help of the innovative 3D-Bionic® Sphere System that cools when you sweat and warms when you’re freezing, your calf can always maintain the optimal temperature of 37⁰C. A special knit structure in combination with the 3D- Bionic® Sphere provide excellent evaporation, thus cooling efficiently converting sweat into energy. The high-tech 6-Dimensional structure offers optimal support and perfect fit. Finally the self-adjusting cuff ...
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Julia Jones: Pacing and Racing at the Moonlight Half Marathon

When you read this you’ll probably be packing your bags for Jesolo, anxiously thinking about Saturday’s race. You’ve done all the training, you’ve studied your pre-race meal, you have the perfect running outfit. Now all you have to do is run 13 miles, right? So many runners set themselves up for racing success all the way up to the starting line to then throw caution to the wind as the gun start goes off.You don’t need a written plan but if you can put together a few of these suggestions I can guarantee that not only will you have a better race, you might even come close to a ...
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STORIES BY RUN - The Northern Lagoon Ecosystem

The Venetian lagoon is the main co-star of the Moonlight Half Marathon, its beautiful colors at sunset and the life of the lagoon ecosystem will frame the course of the half marathon. Looking at the inland of the lagoon, called “gronda lagunare”, you will immediately identify the characteristic features of the Venetian lagoon: a mixture of water and lands (some emerged and other submerged) and islands with more or less defined margins that change according both to the tidal flow and the intake of fresh waters by the rivers leading into the lagoon. The closest place to the is defined as ...
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Julia Jones: Advice from the Moonlight Half Marathon pacers

In a little more than a week we’ll see each other in Jesolo at the Moonlight Half Marathon and 10km Garmin events. For both races we’ve arranged for pacers to assist you in maintaining the perfect race pace. Even if these fantastic athletes are totally normal people, they undoubtedly have a special talent for running at an even pace. If you want a few suggestions for pre-race meals, race tactics and how to enjoy the Moonlight Half race course, read on!Pacer 2h00’00”: Rossella Naples (with pacer Davide Cervato)Pre-race meal Saturday - A plate of pasta garnished with olive oil, walnuts ...
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Venicemarathon: it's not just running

SHOPPING IN VENICE   In October, during the first three Saturday, there will be the three Family Runs, uncompetitive events for students and run lovers in San Dona, Riviera del Brenta and Mestre. Then, on 22 October there will be again Venicemarathon with its two race courses of 42 km and 10km. Whatever race you will choose, Venice will be ready to welcome you to transform a sporting trip into a special and amazing weekend. In Laguna, you know, everything is special, even shopping which after a marathon (but also only 10km) we are sure you will richly deserved. You will be spoilt ...
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Julia Jones: How many steps do you take in a minute?

If you want to instantly change and even improve your running style increase the number of steps you take per minute, a.k.a. your stride rate That said, it sounds easy to do but there’s two things stopping runners from becoming successful at it. The first is that stride rate is the result of an innate internal rhythm. You’re born with it. I’ve seen people running for the very first time with an abnormally high stride rate while there are thousands, maybe millions of athletes with miles in their training diaries that advance at such a slow pace they risk injury with every ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Running through the fortifications of Cavallino

Not far from the historic center of Venice, with its suggestive squares, campi and hundreds of bridges, there’s the peninsula of Cavallino: a location between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, this place has a elongated shape and it’s characterized by cultivations, greenhouses, a thick pine forest and a sandy strip of sand. Every year, many runners await the end of May for the Moonlight Half Marathon, a 21,097-kilometer fast-paced course, ideal both to do an high-level performance and at the same time to enjoy a unique landscape at the sunset. Running along the flat lagoon you will ...
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Julia Jones: 10km forever

On Sunday morning I got up at dawn to drive the two hundred kilometres that separates my home from the San Giuliano Park, where the Corri Mestre race starts. The freeway was unusually trafficless, probably due to the long weekend holiday (it was labor day here in Italy). It was better for me since I got there a half hour earlier than expected. It gave me more time to say hello to the organising staff, some friends and of course readers who follow this blog. Then, I lined up with the other runners at the start of the non-competitive race. The course (pleasantly) surprised me so much variety of ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Moonlight half marathon is coming!

It’s the middle of spring and the temperatures are gradually rising. After a wonderful weekend dedicated to the Garmin Venice Night Trail and the 9th edition of the Corrimestre, it’s time to run a longer distance: it’s time to Moonlight Half Marathon!The VMCevents half marathon will take place on Saturday 27th May 2017: it will start just before the sunset and it will lead the participants through the charm of the Venetian Lagoon. The starting line is at the dam of Punta Sabbioni, which separates the historic coastline of Treporti from the one of Lido of Venice. From there, the race ...
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Over 4,700 participants to the Moonlight of Jesolo and Cavallino Treporti

Full speed for the registrations for the 'moonlight' run on 27th May. Almost 3,700 members have already signed up for the half marathon and more than 1,000 for the "twin" Garmin 10K event. Karhu signs the technical t-shirt of the race pack in 4 different colours.Great success for the registrations to the 7th edition of the Moonlight Half Marathon, the "moonlight" run that will take place next 27th May from Cavallino-Treporti to Jesolo, with start at 7.30pm. There are already almost 3,700 registrations for the half marathon and more than 1,000 have bought a bib for the Garmin 10K, the "twin" ...
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Record numbers for The 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon

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