Julia Jones: first steps toward running 10km

Do you remember that 5km you ran last week? How many minutes did it take you to get to the finish line? Until now we’ve never tale about numbers because our concentration was on having a consistent practice and not necessarily on speed. Now, with a timed 5km distance we can talk about where to go from here. If you were able to run under 35:00 (or at 7:00 per km), let get on with 10km training! If you were over this time barrier however, here are three reasons why you aren’t make as much progress.   - Are you still out of breath after just a few minutes of running ? You probably ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Running through campi and campielli: a bit of Venetian toponymy

Unlike any other Italian city, Venice owes its originality also for its toponymy. The turist who visits a city like this, for sure has to be surprised about the names of each part of Venice: the streets are called "calli", the squares are "campi", the waterway is "rio" and very often the names of places recur for tens of times in each district. In fact in Venice there are thirty-one “Calle del Forno”, sixteen “Calle del magazen” and “Calle dei preti”, fifteen “Calle de mezzo”. Moreover must be added also the calli whose names are related to the most common job and trades in ...
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Julia Jones: Running your 5km!

If you’ve been reading us since January and following the training plan and instructions you'll know that this week the big moment to run your 5km has finally arrived. It’s a great goal and achievement that’ll allow you to continue with confidence to ten km...and beyond. The ideal scenario for running your 5km would be an event or race where they offer the distance. But I know from experience that it’s not always easy to find a weekend race. That’s why I recommend you setting up your very own 5km event. It’s easy to do, here’s how: • Decide on the date and time. The 5km run ...
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STORIES BY RUN: Find the way around Venice

In a city like Venice, also to get lost is charming. Especially at night. But if you prefer to take a chance and learn to orient yourself in the Calli, Rami and Corti, follow the advices of Venicebyrun’s guys. But hurry up: to the Venice Night Trail, the first appointment of the VMCevents 2017, you do not have so much time left!   We are approaching step by step to the first race of the VMCevents 2017, the Venice Night Trail. Find your way around Venice is considered by many visitors, confused and disoriented by the many Calli, Rami and Corti that sometimes end in a deadlock as ...
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Julia Jones: Nutrition - Part I

Currently, on the subject of nutrition, the opinions and theories of scholars are divided. Each person in their field believes that their own theories on the best diet for humans in order to stay healthy are the most convincing. There are those that believe we should only eat plant foods while others lead us in the opposite direction, encouraging us to consume animal protein like there's no tomorrow. One thing is certain: the quality and quantity of food has a direct impact on your health and well-being. As a result (and and even more so!) whatever you eat has a bearing your running ...
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Registrations to the 7 ^ Moonlight Half Marathon fly!

About 2,500 athletes registered to the seventh edition of the international half marathon in the 'moonlight' scheduled on Saturday, 27th May from Cavallino-Treporti, Jesolo and organized by Venicemarathon Club Registrations to the 7th Moonlight Half Marathon fly! About 2,500 athletes registered to the seventh edition of the international half marathon in the 'moonlight' scheduled on Saturday, 27th May from Cavallino-Treporti, Jesolo Important numbers, three months before the event, that underline that the sporting event organized by the Venice Marathon Club in collaboration with the City ...
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STORIES BY RUN: Running on masegni

Running through the streets of Venice you can admire the splendor of the buildings, the special features of the chimneys and the elegance of the Churches, but you have also to pay attention on what there’s under your feet...   The Venetians built their city in a particular environment, a lagoon of shallow water. For this reason, from the origins, they worked hard to make a living place this difficult territory: they built the ground on which the buildings had to be based, consolidating the floating land and defending them from the tides. The paving is a very serious matter in ...
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X-BIONIC® becomes the new technical sponsor of the Venicemarathon

Registrations for the 32 ^ Venicemarathon on next 22th October are going on at full speed. Great news at home Venicemarathon Club for the technical sponsorship.X-BIONIC®, Swiss brand produced by the Italian company TRERE Innovation s.r.l. leader in sports apparel, become the new technical sponsor of the Venicemarathon. ...
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KARHU becomes the "official shoe" of the Venicemarathon

KARHU, the historic Finnish sports brand, which in recent years has been the author of a great revival in the Italian market, landed in the lagoon becoming the "official shoe" of the Venicemarathon. ...
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Julia Jones: When pain is normal

After almost twenty years of accumulated experience following and assisting runners of every type and level, I can tell you which is the most common pain that occurs in the first weeks of training. Ready? It’s tibial soreness, commonly known as “shin splints." It doesn’t just magically appear. It’s simply what happens when, after who knows how long, you really start using your feet (sometimes for the first time) to move. The human body has a simple (and complicated) design: in order to push with your foot you need put in action your musculoskeletal system, including the tibial ...
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Record numbers for The 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon

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