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Julia Jones: Running style

From the very first moment that a novice runner goes out for a training run he or she wants to know exactly what they’re supposed to do to run with the same style of a champion. They’ve watched track and field meetings and marathons on television. They can recognise which athlete runs with impeccable style and who could use a little bit of improvement. Despite being a beginner who still hasn’t broken an hour in a training run, they want to have the style of an Olympic athlete now.Everyone has their own style of running which is the sum of many factors. Your bone alignment, your current ...
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Julia Jones: Faster running skills

In the last year there have been a lot of trending articles in the fitness world on what the experts now consider to be the best way to stay fit and in shape. It’s hard to keep up with their ever changing minds! One year they advice us all to practice yoga and the next year slow walking down dirt paths in nature is the new nirvana. But lately I’ve seen the experts in the different sports spheres agree on one practice: running for brief duration at a very intense speed. In other words, running fast.Most beginner runners tend to train at a running speed that is well within their comfort ...
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Marco De Gasperi and Stefano Gregoretti light up the Garmin Venice Night Trail

The two Garmin testimonial will be at the Venice Night Trail organized by Venicemarathon Club and scheduled the evening of Saturday 29th April and will lead two teams that will compete at the last second. Marco De Gasperi and Stefano Gregoretti light up the Garmin Venice Night Trail, scheduled for the evening of Saturday, 29th April, starting at 9pm, in Venice. Mountain running champion the first, the second ultrarunner back from spectacular crossings. The two Garmin testimonial will be at the start of the 16 km and 51 bridges trail, organized by the Venicemarathon Club in collaboration ...
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Julia Jones: When to stop and when to restart

Last week I got really sick. It happened it what felt like a split second. At 10:00 a.m. I was working on the track with a group of athletes, at 11:00 a.m. I felt shivers running through my body, at noon I got out a thermometer and measured a 104c fever. There was nothing to do but go home and put myself under the covers for a week, which I did. All this could not happen at the worst moment; just three weeks from my “A” race of the season, something I had been planning and training for for over a year.I’ve seen so many amateur athletes try to ignore the symptoms of an imminent illness ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Up and down over 51 bridges

The countdown for the first appointment of VMCevents 2017 has officially begun and thanks to the huge number of participants, it is already sold out. In a month the Garmin Venice Night Trail will be the only opportunity for 3000 runner to run in a magical and unusual atmosphere: a breathtaking 16 km race course in the historic center of Venice, up and down over 51 bridges! Nowadays Venice has more than 400 bridges (300 made of stone, 60 of iron and 57 of wood) built to connect the different areas which originally were reachable by the inhabitants only by boats. Moreover, until the XVI ...
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Venicemarathon On Tour!

VeniceMarathon On Tour: we will wait for you at our stand with the special bonus of 5 euros discount on the registrations for the VM 42K, Moonlight Half Marathon 21K, Primiero Dolomiti Marathon 42K e 26K! ...
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Julia Jones - Stretching: yes or no?

Sometimes it seems that what the experts believed to be “good” for us yesterday, today gets adamantly confirmed to no longer be good for us. Nutrition, movement and sleep are all under examination. To be reviewed and re-evaluated. That’s the case with stretching, a a word that’s become part of our every day vocabulary. In english language dictionaries they simply define stretching as lengthening and distending. In Italians dictionaries they go as far as inserting an opinion. A translation: stretching exercises, muscle extension, practiced specifically by athletes and serves to ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Living in the lagoon: fresh or salt water?

In a city built on the water, permeated by water and that created its own success on waterborne commerce, it seems almost impossible that for centuries this natural resource has been the scarcest one. The historian who lived in the '500 , Marin Sanudo, wrote "it’s in the water and water has not." Obviously we are referring to clean water.   For a runner the possibility to hydrate is important in a race like the Garmin Venice Night Trail 16k it is even essential. Well, now Venice is the right city for thirsty runners thanks to its many fountains. Drinking water in today’s Venice is ...
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Julia Jones: first steps toward running 10km

Do you remember that 5km you ran last week? How many minutes did it take you to get to the finish line? Until now we’ve never tale about numbers because our concentration was on having a consistent practice and not necessarily on speed. Now, with a timed 5km distance we can talk about where to go from here. If you were able to run under 35:00 (or at 7:00 per km), let get on with 10km training! If you were over this time barrier however, here are three reasons why you aren’t make as much progress.   - Are you still out of breath after just a few minutes of running ? You probably ...
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STORIES BY RUN - Running through campi and campielli: a bit of Venetian toponymy

Unlike any other Italian city, Venice owes its originality also for its toponymy. The turist who visits a city like this, for sure has to be surprised about the names of each part of Venice: the streets are called "calli", the squares are "campi", the waterway is "rio" and very often the names of places recur for tens of times in each district. In fact in Venice there are thirty-one “Calle del Forno”, sixteen “Calle del magazen” and “Calle dei preti”, fifteen “Calle de mezzo”. Moreover must be added also the calli whose names are related to the most common job and trades in ...
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Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

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