Our offices will be closed from 23 December to 09 January. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all! ...
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The Venicemarathon Club closes 2016 with a bang!

There are already 3.000 registrations at the 32 ^ Venicemarathon and keep an eye to the counter For the Venicemarathon Club this year closes with a bang. A year of great news and satisfactions, which has successfully launched new events like the Venice Night Trail and Primiero Dolomiti Marathon, saw the debut in marathon podium at the Florence Marathon the colours bearer of the club Eyob Ghebrehiwet Faniel, but above all looks to 2017 with great optimism. In fact, already 3.000 registrations at 32 ^ Venice Marathon and the 1000 Garmin 10K of next 22nd October 2017 and a total of 8.000 people ...
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Riccardo Mares: my second Venicemarathon will be a different challange

On 23rd October Riccardo Mares will run his second Venicemarathon and this time it will be a different challenge than the first one.These are his reflections a few days before the marathon. "The first marathon is madness, the second is awareness." This sentence was told to me by my friend Andrea some time ago.And he was a man who ran a lot.One year later, this sentence continues insistently to bounce between my thoughts.In 2015 Garmin believed in me choosing an half marathon amateur to cross the finish line of the Venicemarathon in 3:43.Will I be able to believe enough in myself this ...
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The 10K course is SOLD OUT!

The 10K of the Garmin Running Tour reach today the SOLDOUT! Thank you runners! ...
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Eyob Faniel: Venicemarathon will be my first marathon

More exciting than a marathon there is only... your first marathon!  If on 23 October you are going to run your first 42.195 km, you have to know that you'll be in good company. Every year there are many runners who choose to make their debut with the Venicemarathon: because it is a historic and international marathon and because the charm of Venice has few equals in the world. In the previous days we have revealed to you that to debut in the marathon there will also be the cyclist champion Ivan Basso. Today we present another champion: Eyob Faniel, a young talent of ...
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Emanuela Pagan: what my first Venicemarathon means for me

Emanuela Pagan runs since she was a child. She started following the footsteps of the father: firstly some short courses, then the competitions on the track, then the road races. Today she lives in Parma, but she was born and grown up in Venice, as well as his passion for running. She run the Venicemarathon twice. This is the story of her first time as a marathoner. The Liberty Bridge is a asphalt strip that connects Venice to the mainland. It can seem inteminable for the marathon runner who is about to end his effort. Venice looks like a fading mirage. Perhaps for fatigue or simply for the ...
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New look for the official t-shirt of the 31 ^ Venice Marathon

The Rialto Bridge is the theme proposed on the technical long sleeve shirt that athletes will find in the goody bag.Entries are still open and the team of Garmin Pacers is defined . With less than two months from the 31^ Venicemarathon scheduled on Sunday, 23rd October , it is time to present the official shirt of Venice Marathon; a garment that for many runners contains a special meaning: a goal achieved, a dream come true or an important reminder to collect. All participants will be presented with a technical long-sleeved top, designed by Asics. A comfortable clothing and suitable for ...
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Keep Calm and... discover Venice!

VENICEMARATHON: IT'S NOT JUST RUNNING If Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world there must be a reason. Surely more than one! For you who will run the Venicemarathon on 23rd October there are probably 42,195 motivations, as many as the meters that will take you to the finish line....we know for sure that the finish line is your first aim. Nevertheless let Venice be revealed, look at it more closely, maybe with your friends or with those you love. Enjoy Venice few days ahead and then your marathon will become truly an experience to remember. We love our city and therefore we ...
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Hotel and Official Packages

We have a special package "Hotel + BIB NUMBER" thought for you and your companion, to give you the opportunity to experience the magic of Venicemarathon without unnecessary stress, enjoying the race and the emotions that it will give you.Or choose among the hotels the one that meets your needs in one of the areas involved by the events. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND/OR RESERVATION VISIT THE OFFICIAL PAGE ...
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Venicemarathon Pacers

Each marathon is a challenge with yourself and your limits. In this 42.195 km long adventure, you‘ll not be alone. By your side, in the Venicemarathon 2016, there will be the Garmin Pacers: prepared athletes at your disposal to help you to reach the goal, whatever it is. The Garmin Pacers will be your guardian angels, they will be useful to keep up, they will support you in times of crisis, they will encourage you not to give up, to finish in the time you have fixed. The Garmin Pacing Team is led by Julia Jones and in the coming weeks you will know more closely all the guys of the ...
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Record numbers for The 32nd Huawei Venicemarathon

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