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Running to feel good, to keep fit; run to win or to participate. Running for fun but also to travel and discover new places and places full of charm, as the historical center of Venice, of course, but not only. From now on, thanks to the friends of Venice By Run, we will know more about the places of VMC events - Venice Marathon Club. And what about you? Do you have already decided what will be your race? If not, here are some good ideas.   2017 has begun and spring is around the corner there is no better time to mark on the calendar the date of our events. From the historic center ...
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Julia Jones: Start from the feet

When runners want to add quality to their training they usually run to the gym. They start out with the hardest and most complicated strength training exercises for “instant” results. It’s squats and lunges as if there were no tomorrow along with push-ups and pull-ups to aesthetically balance everything out. If you really want to change your running and save money on that gym membership you need to focus on another part of the body: your feet. I can probably bet that on your typical day you get up in the morning and slide into a pair of house slippers. For work you choose a pair of ...
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Artciolo3JJ News

Julia Jones: "Running shoes, the choice is yours"

Over the years I’ve seen runners show up at their first workout with every type of shoe on their feet. Tennis shoes, boating shoes, and plain old Keds. One woman even showed up with a pair of city shoes with heels. And she ran in them too! Most beginners open their closet and pull out any pair that they deem fit for sports, a sort of a multi-tasking mule. The same pair gets used for activities ranging from gardening to a walk around the block. I'm not here to tell you which running shoe to buy. There are currently 132 companies worldwide that manufacture running shoes, you can only imagine ...
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FocusJulia News

Effective Scheduling (Runner style!)

The hardest thing for those who venture for the first time into the running world is in creating time to train. It’s easy to find half an hour or even an hour for a brisk walk outside. But becoming methodical in lacing up your running shoes and going outside week after week, that’s a different story. That famous "lifestyle" change needs to happen so that it not only feels natural to go for run, but becomes a necessity. Time to go out and run needs to be created and not “found”. And don’t tell me that you have less time than others because we all have the same twenty-four hours ...
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A Running Christmas

A running Christmas The cold weather, the parties, the desire to stay with your family. It 's true that Christmas is an invitation to laziness and we are sure that you deserved a short break, but Christmas period is also perfect to enjoy your free time with a healthy running . Then here are some advices to not lose the good habits and enjoy a running Christmas.   Why go running during Christmas Now that you've few days off, you just need to organize your free time. Do not forget to include on the agenda some running sessions: you can choose an hard workout or a simple jog to work ...
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Our offices will be closed from 23 December to 09 January. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all! ...
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Riccardo Mares: my second Venicemarathon will be a different challange

On 23rd October Riccardo Mares will run his second Venicemarathon and this time it will be a different challenge than the first one.These are his reflections a few days before the marathon. "The first marathon is madness, the second is awareness." This sentence was told to me by my friend Andrea some time ago.And he was a man who ran a lot.One year later, this sentence continues insistently to bounce between my thoughts.In 2015 Garmin believed in me choosing an half marathon amateur to cross the finish line of the Venicemarathon in 3:43.Will I be able to believe enough in myself this ...
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The 10K course is SOLD OUT!

The 10K of the Garmin Running Tour reach today the SOLDOUT! Thank you runners! ...
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Eyob Faniel: Venicemarathon will be my first marathon

More exciting than a marathon there is only... your first marathon!  If on 23 October you are going to run your first 42.195 km, you have to know that you'll be in good company. Every year there are many runners who choose to make their debut with the Venicemarathon: because it is a historic and international marathon and because the charm of Venice has few equals in the world. In the previous days we have revealed to you that to debut in the marathon there will also be the cyclist champion Ivan Basso. Today we present another champion: Eyob Faniel, a young talent of ...
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VeniceBlog News

Emanuela Pagan: what my first Venicemarathon means for me

Emanuela Pagan runs since she was a child. She started following the footsteps of the father: firstly some short courses, then the competitions on the track, then the road races. Today she lives in Parma, but she was born and grown up in Venice, as well as his passion for running. She run the Venicemarathon twice. This is the story of her first time as a marathoner. The Liberty Bridge is a asphalt strip that connects Venice to the mainland. It can seem inteminable for the marathon runner who is about to end his effort. Venice looks like a fading mirage. Perhaps for fatigue or simply for the ...
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Latest news

Eyob has just left to Asmara with a new victory in his collection!

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Eyob Faniel wins the "Two Pearls Half Marathon"

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