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Registration step by step


Participation requirements
The event is open to all athletes being at least 20.

To take part in the non competitive Venicemarathon it will be enough to fill a health form. Here you can download the form that has to be filled out by your doctor.

If you prefer to take part in the competitive race, and have the chance to compete for a prize and be included in the FIDAL/IAAF ranking list you have to :
• hold membership of a foreign Sports Federation affiliated with IAAF and in this case you have to provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the association license or a self declaration in which you declare that you are affiliated with a sports club;
• get the FIDAL Runcard and provide Venicemarathon with a copy of the medical certification which allows you to take part in competitive races according to the Italian law.

Entry fees 2018
40€ from 1 to 1000 entries
from 1001 to 2000 entries
from 2001 to 3000 entries
from 3001 to 4000 entries
from 4001 to 5000 entries
from 5001 to 6000 entries
from 6001 to 7000 entries
from 7001 entries

Entry options
Entry can be made using the online registration, in this case the payment will be made at the moment of registration by credit card.

Registration fee includes
• Race number
• Medical assistance
• Refreshments along the course
• Goody bag
• Official programme and information publications
• Rent of timing chip
• Results by e-mail
• Finisher's commemorative medal
• Pre-race transportation from Venice Tronchetto or Mestre to the start area
• Personal clothes transportation from start to finish area
• Post-race transportation from the finish area to Venice Tronchetto, Mestre or start area

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