San Benedetto Pacing Team

 San Benedetto

Pacemakers are your guardian angels during the race!!!

A group of athletes are at your disposal and will help you to finish the marathon recording your goal

This is the VM10K  2018's team led by Julia Jones

They are the San Benedetto Pacers leaded by Julia Jones and they are ready to guide you during the VM10K on 28th October.
During the next weeks we will know closely each of them with some interviews in which we asked them to tell us more about their passion and their choice of being pacers. Some of them are veterans (they ran with the "balloons" of Venicemarathon for several years), others are beginners in this role, so they will bring the "first time" enthusiasm and adrenaline.
So, give yourself a time goal, look for your pacer and get ready to follow his balloon!

Pacers 40'00'

palloncino blu1


Pierluigi MISSIMEI

Pacers 45'00''

palloncino giallo1



Pacers 50'00

palloncino verde1

Silvio DUS

Gianfranco BIASUZZI

Pacers 55'00''

palloncino bianco1


Stefano PIZZO

Pacers 1h00'

palloncino rosso1

Lorenzo MOIRA



Registered athletes:

Places left to the next step rate:

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