Marathon Details

Sunday, 27th October 2019.
Venicemarathon is held every year on the fourth Sunday of October. Future editions: 25th October 2020, 24th October 2021.

Start time
Marathon will start at 9:40am approximately.
The exact start time will be decided the day before the race, according to organization needs and TV broadcasting.

average high: 15°C / 59°F
average low: 7°C / 44°F

Bib pick-up
Pick up your bib and race pack on Friday 25th October and Saturday 26th October at the ExposportVenicemarathon Village.
Venicemarathon Expo Village will be located in Venezia Mestre, inside the San Giuliano Park.
Opening hours: 
Friday from 10am until 8pm
Saturday from 9am until 8pm.
How to get there: directions will be included in the confirmation letter.
No bib pick-up on Sunday morning before the race. No bib sent at home before the race.

Bib numbers distribution
Bib numbers will be distributed in a progressive way depending on the registration date (those who register early will get a lower bib number).
The corral will be distributed on the basis of the best personal time declared by applicants recorded in one race within the past 2 years and this will be shown on the bib number with the color. The organization can verify the best personal time declared and in case of false declaration the runner will start at the back of the group.

Pre-Race Transportation
There will be a free shuttle service to reach the start line in Stra, reserved to participants only. The organization strongly advises all participants to use said service because the start area is difficult to access by personal means of transportation.

Bags for personal belongins
Athletes will be allowed to use the kit bags provided by the organization ONLY (they will be distributed with the bibs).
Note! Other types of bags will not be accepted.

Starting Area
In the starting area athlets will find the changing area and many toilets.

Race timing will be managed by Timing Data Service.
Thanks to the chip applied to the back of athlete's bib number, sensors will record the actual time in which each runner finishes the race.
Intermediate times will be also recorded at the km: 5, 10, 15, 21.097 (half marathon), 25, 30, 35 and 40.
Times and rankings will be available in real time during the race on the web site

Along the route
Refreshement stations with water are available on the course every 5 kilometers starting from km 5. Sports drinks, fruit and cookies will be available from the 20th kilometer.
Runners will find 2 personal sponges in the race pack. They should carry the sponges with them during the race and soak them in the fresh water tanks available every 5 km, starting from km 7.5. Additional sponges will be available in the starting area, but not along the course.
For competitors who withdraw, pick-up buses will carry them to the first-aid stations (placed at km 23.5 and 31.5).

Maximum Times
Maximum time - half marathon: 2h45'
Maximum time - km 30: 3h50'
Maximum time - finish: 6h00'
After these times the organization cannot guarantee complete closing of the race course.

Finish Area
The finish line is in Venice, in Riva dei Sette Martiri.
Beyond the finish line, athletes will find: the medal delivery area, the refreshment station, the bags pick-up area, restrooms and toilets.
Showers will be available at the Palasport dell’Arsenale located few hundred meters from the finish line.

Medical assistance
A thorough medical assistance service will be offered by the organizing committee in collaboration with local medical facilities.
First-aid stations will be set up at the 23,5 Km (Marghera Venice), at 31 km (San Giuliano Park) and at the finish line. Ambulances and motorbikes will follow the race.

Post-Race Transportation
To go back to the mainland from the finish line there are free services for athletes.


Registered athletes:

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